CNBC: Half Of American Households Own Atleast One Apple Product

Posted on Mar 29 2012 - 6:23am by Editorial Staff

Apple with one or other reason being loved by almost everyone and this is what the latest survey from CNBC revealed; half of American households own atleast one Apple product. The survey collected answers from 836 Americans over both landline and cellphone, asking for demographic information and ownership rates for Apple products, including traditional computers, tablets, phones, and other devices. About 50 percent of households reported owning at least one product, and 63 percent of people between 18 and 49 reported owning one. Only 28 percent of households that make less than $30,000 a year own an Apple product, as opposed to 77 percent of those making more than $75,000. Families with children are also markedly more likely to own an Apple device.

“It’s a fantastic business model — the more of our products you own, the more likely you are to buy more,” says Jay Campbell, a vice president of Hart Research Associates, which conducts the CNBC survey along with Bill McInturff. “Planned obsolescence has always been a part of the technology industries sales model, but Apple has taken it to a whole new level.” About 56 percent of the members of each party have at least one, although a gap could soon open. Twenty-six percent of Democrats plan to buy an Apple product in the next 12 months, versus 19 percent of Republicans.

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