Cloud Based Conference Management – Is It Really Worth Investing In?

Posted on Aug 2 2013 - 1:01pm by Monik Makadiya


With the rapid expansion of technology, businesses across the world have seen a huge shift in the way they utilize the technology to improve their conventional business operations like a meeting, conference, event and so on. Among all the business operations, conferences are one of the most important aspects of the businesses to plan out about their future or to discuss the current issues. The days are gone when conferences were merely a personal meeting conducted within the closed doors of the conference hall. Now, businesses are leveraging from the benefits of conducting conferences online with the help of cloud computing.

Conferences these days come together rather quickly and in a professional way thanks to the completely computerized workflows made possible by various available online resources. These technological innovations based systems provide meeting planners with the means to handle digital type distribution, transaction selection, posting event plan, and much more. However, it is often difficult to identify that one system which is able to handle everything in an extensive way. The cloud based conference management system or application offers you with the information on online meeting, which manages all your conference control needs in one individual, incorporated program.

In the business or enterprises, the benefits of, cloud-based conference management systems are far reaching regardless of the location where you are; all you need is a computer and the internet connection. Some steps or plans, managers have to follow for the successful event / conference. It depends upon the event how large or small is it. It may take several days or months before an event. It is not an easy task for event manager as there is a maximum chance of making mistakes. However, cloud-based conference management applications bring a whole host of features that will help business managers manage their conference hassle-free.

To avoid mistakes, and to ensure conferences are organized in some manner, today all the event professionals are implementing the use of cloud based event management software. These alternatives have the resources and abilities to handle and track actions throughout the whole event, as well as the actions performed as part of the event follow up (like a survey of event after completion of it). Such applications help organizers in the following ways:

Book the best venue

No matter what are the requirements of the organizers or business managers, whether they required conference room in their own office or a bigger exterior location, the conference management software can help by ensuring the desired location is available for them and the payment which has been taken. For complex and bigger conference, which may need multiple rooms for several days, it requires more resource, planning and venue software tool. Cloud based conference management application comprises of flexible application to manage configurable and customized sheet and all other things associated with big conferences.

Prepare a list of targeted prospects delegate

Such applications enable the event manager to easily build and filter a selection of targeted delegates from CRM and put these into a custom-made, e-mail which can be sent out. With the use of event management software, they can easily monitor and track all the activities on the go.

Resource management

A cloud based application will bring effective and powerful resource management for the conferences or events you organize. It will help you manage each and every element of a conference, starting from speaker, sessions and tons of other things at your fingertips. Moreover, it will manage other details like rooms and the location of the event or conference.

Online Registration and payment

All the conferences you arrange will need a means payment and transactions, either at the time of registration or at the later date. Cloud based conference management applications bring an integrated payment system that will help you get instant payments from the interested attendees in a secure way. Moreover, it helps you notify the all the registered delegates about the conference, making it easy for you to convey your message on the go.

Online event promotion

With an internet marketing tool of the software program, you can easily enhance your event with a big range. Plus, you can go in for a paid plug service to post your event related information on the popular social media sites straight from the event dashboard. Thus, targeted marketing helps you to get more delegates for the conference.

Manage the budget of the event

Event Software is a useful tool for handling financial situation and budget of an event. All expenses can be taken via the incorporation with the fund system. These can be easily monitored and supervised, with signals to notify the event manager if there are any problems or if expenses are increasing fast. Thus, there are chances of error and mistakes if we create it manually in spreadsheet without using event management software. It may be time consuming, ineffective and less worth for event manager and all who are associated with the event.

So these are the features that you can leverage from the cloud based conference management software. However, it is important that you consider a few important things whenever you are planning to choose any cloud based conference management software for your conference. What keeps you waiting? Start experiencing the power of cloud computing with cloud based conference management system.

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