CISPA Vote Delayed, Internet Defence League Call To Action

Posted on Jun 11 2012 - 4:41am by Editorial Staff

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or in simple words CISPA seems like even taking time to get on voting, but since now the week is over, there is still no sign on CISPA voting. The Hill reported (via ZDNet) that the bill is now expected to vote till the 3rd or 4th week of June. The Internet Defense League has sent the statement to its supporters and CISPA opponents in order to raise a call to action over CISPA delays:

CISPA’s supporters are in a race against time: in just 7 weeks Congress will shut down, election season kicks in, and the clock runs out for CISPA. Even better, the fact that Congress postponed the vote means they probably don’t have enough “yes” votes yet.

Remember: these bills would end online privacy, treating everyone like criminals instead of making us more secure.

We set out to make eliminating online privacy a messy proposition for the Senate. And it’s working.

If we can keep the calls, emails, meetings, and creative campaigns coming, we can tip the scales.

Here’s the problem: there’s 6 of us, we’ve got several other huge projects on our plates (including launching the Internet Defense League and a plan to neutralize “6-strikes”) and we already had to expand our team to get this far on CISPA.

If we can’t raise another $10,000 today, we won’t be able to go all-in to stop CISPA.

Can you donate $10, $20, or $50 so that we can keep fighting CISPA?

The odds are against us, but the idea of giving the FBI, NSA, and local police a permanent warrantless wiretap on our online life… well, it makes us sick. Let’s win this one.

-Douglas and Zak

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