Chrome 23 Tops The Browser Chart, While IE10 Outperforms IE9

Posted on Nov 16 2012 - 6:06am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft has officially released the Release Preview of IE10 for Windows 7 yesterday, but what more sounds interesting is that with the recent tests The Cross Browser Handbook ran on all the major browsers: Sunspider, Octane, and HTML5 test, good to know is that IE10 won the first position outperforming IE9, Firefox and Opera, although Chrome 23 still rules as the king. To note that the difference between first place (IE10) and last place (Opera 12) was just 84.5 milliseconds.

The conclusion the tests brings out:

It has taken Microsoft 19 months to create the new Internet Explorer version. Unfortunately there are not that many improvements to show for this huge amount of development time. Still comparing to IE 9 Microsoft was able to close the gap between IE and the other modern browsers. If Microsoft can manage to switch to an rapid release cycle IE could get quite a good browser again.

Sadly all Windows XP and Vista users are out of luck, Microsoft will not release the IE 10 for these not-quite-that-old operating systems. You are a XP or Vista user? Go get Chrome now 🙂

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