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Wedding Ring

Everything is supposed to be perfect for that special day. Decorations, wedding invites, bridal dress, seating arrangement, caterers and everything else need a very special care to make it perfect. But what is it that makes the marriage complete? The rings! Without the rings there will not be a wedding, hence the most special care needs to be taken for the rings to be special.

While you are busy taking care of all other arrangements, you do not really have to worry about the rings. You can order them online from the given designs. These are available as a set of two called as Wedding rings or Bridal set. If there is specific design that you would like, the bespoken rings are also available that can be made ready in a reasonable time.

While choosing the wedding rings, you want to choose a set that stays with you for your life. Usually white gold, yellow gold and platinum with diamond are the usual choices for the wedding rings. Let us compare these on certain parameters.

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold with another metal to give the white color. An 18-karat white gold ring contains as much gold as 18-karat yellow gold ring. Even though gold in pure form is yellow, yet the yellow gold jewelry is an alloy of mixing pure gold with copper or zinc. White gold is an alloy of mixing pure gold with silver or palladium only to get the white color.

White gold is preferably used for wedding rings, because of its color and look of platinum and yet it is way cheaper than platinum. White gold is more durable and resistant to scratches than yellow gold because of the stronger metals that it is alloyed with. White gold is light weight and soft, so the resizing in case of white gold is much easier.

White gold earlier was made with an alloy of Nickel, which was known to have allergic reactions to a lot of people. If you are buying white gold, confirm from your jeweler about the metals that are used for white gold alloy, if you have a family history or a known allergic reaction to Nickel. One major problem with white gold is that its brightness wears off because of the rhodium plating on it. Once in a year, you will need to re-plate your ring to sustain its brightness.


Platinum is harder than gold in the pure-form but the alloys of platinum used to make jewelry makes it more brittle than white gold. Platinum rings are more likely to get scratched and dented than white gold, but these can hold the diamonds more securely because of its brittle nature. Platinum is much more durable and needs less servicing than white gold.

It is usually recommended to have best of both white gold and platinum when choosing a wedding ring, use platinum setting which can secure the center diamond very well and white gold band that is less prone to scratches and dents.

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