Why Choose Oracle For Advanced Analytics?

Posted on Dec 17 2014 - 8:59am by Charlie Brown


Editor’s Note: The article was written in collaboration with Andrew Thompson who is a professional who has working experience in Oracle databases. In this article he explains why organizations prefer Oracle Business Intelligence systems.

Most enterprises prefer the Oracle database to store their data. The reason behind choosing Oracle is because they have a global reputation of offering the finest software products to the organizations as part of their support system. The database from this company is well known for its impressive performance, scalability and superior support. In addition to this, Oracle also offers a wide array of products including BI, business applications, Virtual Box, etc. However, its expertise remains with the database products. The features of Oracle database also ensure security, good administration, reduced costs for storage and many more services along with impressive performance.

For those enterprises that already have Oracle Database or are planning to adopt one, they can accelerate their performance by analyzing data with its help. It was a common practice earlier to move data to another analytical server so that it can analyzed to make contributions in building a model framework. This is no longer a scalable method and not in practice since at present, companies can take help from Big Data. In this regard, the Oracle database is packed with various algorithms that perform in a parallel architecture and distributes directly into the database.  It is further augmented by the customized algorithms within the statistical programming language of R.

Benefits of using Oracle database for Advanced Analytics

If you leverage the Oracle database for advanced analytics, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Firstly, you can do away with the data movement to the analytic servers. This will make the entire process less complicated and cumbersome.
  • Secondly, this will ensure that your data is thoroughly analyzed and not merely a sample.
  • Thirdly, analyzing your data helps in putting the infrastructure of your database to better usage.
  • Fourthly, this process completely removes the problem of mismatch in the model translation even when you are putting these models in operation mode.
  • Fifthly, if you are looking for deploying or modeling options, these are also easily available through SQL by integrating them into other IT software
  • Sixthly, adopting the advanced analytics from Oracle will further aid you to leverage the CRAN algorithms into the database directly.

Application of Advanced Analytics

Owing to these advantages various leading companies have opted for the Oracle Business Intelligence services. The Advanced analytics are used by these companies so that their applications can be scaled, the analytics architecture can be simplified and the time taken for marketing the predictive models can be reduced to hours or minutes. The advanced Oracle BI services can be applied in various industries like, for customer relationship management along with the sales prediction engine so that it could help in predicting what are the sales opportunities, what to sell, when to sell and how much to sell.

There are other areas as well where this service can be applied. For instance, the human capital management when combined with the predictive workforce results in performance prediction and analysis and employee turnover. The supply chain management along with the spend classification uses these services to find out discrepancies in expense submissions. Besides these industries, there is the retail analytics available with the Oracle retail customer analytics for carrying out shopping cart evaluation and the financial service apps to allow the quantitative analysts to perform credit risk management and create models or rules in R directly.

Oracle works closely with clients

Another important benefit of working with Oracle is that it works in close association with the clients for integrating the Advanced Analytics so that it becomes an indispensable method for analyzing strategy, customers and other business processes so that it can boost their performance.

Of course, there are other Business Intelligence systems which the companies can resort to but the prime reason for opting Oracle has taken a lead in this industry by providing perfect databases. Thus, more and more organizations have either already adopted this system or are moving towards adopting it.

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