How To Choose The Best Stand Mixer For Your Kitchen

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A well-equipped kitchen is every baker’s dream come true. Right from the assorted pots and pans to the latest gadgets that help you whip up the lightest soufflés and pastries, every appliance gleaming in the kitchen beckons the chef in you, inspiring you to come up with delicacies from time to time for friends and loved ones.

The very mention of gadgets and appliances conjures images of dough being mechanically kneaded in a bowl ready to be popped into an oven and a stand mixer is automatically linked to elaborate cakes and goodies waiting to be dug into.

A stand mixer is an automated mixer which comes with different attachments that can beat, stir or whisk at the press of a button. Gone are the days when one had to manually paddle away like the dickens to bake a cake! All you need to do is measure the right amounts of ingredients, pour them in the mixing bowl and voila! Half your job is done!

Consider the following things before investing and enjoy the advantages that a stand mixer has over a hand mixer. You will thank us for these pointers.

Capacity and wattage

Stand mixers come in different sizes and in different wattages. Choose according to your need—family or commercial setup. It is not an accurate assumption that the higher the wattage, the more power you get for kneadingand whipping. Base your decision on the capacity for getting a more precise idea as to which one will suit your kitchen best.

Size of the kitchen counter

The mixer should rest comfortably atop your kitchen counter when you mount it for use. It should not tilt in anyway lest the appliance should fall and break or worse, hurt someone.

Budget and the mixer

Technology costs and stand mixers unfortunately do not come cheap. Before you decide which one to bring home, work on a budget that won’t break your bank account and proceed from there. You can checkout the reviews of popular stand mixers at Mixer Picks as well. Some companies offer easy pay monthly instalments that you can avail of.

After sales service

Your safest bet would be to purchase a mixer from a well-known company. Reputed companies offer better guarantees and after sales services thanlesser known ones and come with better warrantees.

Storage space

Unless you plan to use the mixer every day, where do you plan to store the mixer? In the kitchen itself or in the pantry? How much space do you have? All these questions need to be answered satisfactorily and accurately before buying a stand mixer. If you take pride in the appearance of your kitchen, you will agree that nothing is unsightlier than a bulky mixer lying around unused.

Colour and material of the mixer

Yes, colour can influence which stand mixer you eventually purchase. Your pride and joy needs to complement your kitchen and workspace so check with the company if they manufacture mixers in the colour of your choice. Some companies still provide mixing bowls made of plastic instead of stainless steel. Do clarify before getting into the mix.

Stand mixers are not cheap. Before you take the plunge, do your research as to which budget works for you and the payment mode that suits you most. Visit websites and read catalogues and reviews. Carefully factor in all these features before ripping the package off your new mixer.

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