Chiropractic 101: What Is It?

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Have you been suffering back ache or neck pain for a long time now? Have you been taken allopathic medicines to relieve your pain, but the pain still persists? Are you looking for a better method of treatment to get over this body ache that is not letting you live your life? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then it is high time you considered a chiropractic clinic for your condition. Chiropractor Charlotte is well experienced practitioner in this area and you should consult her for your ailment. But before you do that, this post will help you understand what a chiropractor does and is chiropractic treatment.

The chiropractic practice strongly believes in one thing that the human body is a well oiled machine that given the right conditions, works perfectly in sync. When things are not right, the body function drops from its potential and shows up in ways of aches and pains. The role of the chiropractor is not just to relieve you of this pain, but also treat the underlying cause of the pain, in order to achieve complete healing. The good part of chiropractic treatment is that the practitioner achieves this without having to prescribe you drugs of any sort.

When a patient approaches a clinic with pain, the practitioner first assesses the patient and the nature of his problem. He/ she takes into account various factors such as patient, age, lifestyle, duration of symptoms, family history, etc. to understand the true nature of the problem. Patient specific treatment is then administered in the form of ‘adjustments’ that the practitioner feels are important to restore the balance in the patient’s body.

The adjustments are usually a set of movements that are applied to muscles and joints so that the pain is relieved and normal range of motion of joints restored. The adjustment could be done in a single session or may have to be repeated over multiple sessions for proper healing. This is the part of relief care that the chiropractor offers to his/her patients.

Where required, a chiropractor will also recommend additional sessions, in case the true underlying causes of pain, have not been addressed. This is called corrective care and will involve returning the patient to a normal life balance that includes his diet, work and sleep routines along with his/her mental state of mind.

It is important that all these factors are well balanced to ensure that the patient does not suffer from aches and pain again in the future. Patients may continue to receive further treatments from their chiropractor to stay fit, both physically and mentally, and even recommend this to their family and friends.

One cannot deny that chiropractic treatments have been questioned in the past and continue to be questioned even today. However, with studies being conducted world over and thanks to patient feedback received, there is increasing evidence that the treatment method works effectively.

As compared to modern medicine, chiropractic methods offer a non-invasive and a drug free method of treatment of ailments. It is a treatment that works well in all age groups and can be used effectively to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Now that you know a few things about chiropractic treatment, why not consult Chiropractic Charlotte for your ailment?

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