Chinese Microblog Sina Weibo Comes With New Community Rules

Posted on May 28 2012 - 10:48am by Editorial Staff

Well, here it goes as planned: Chinese microblog Sina Weibo which outlined its regulations first earlier this month has introduced its “user contact” system in completely today, which provides users a list of terms and conditions for the service such as Twitter. The two articles – Article 12 and 13 needs to be checked with more care:

Article 12:

The user has the right to set personalized account information (including: the nickname, avatar, personal introduction, account templates, etc.), but not set up the account containing the following information:

  • in violation of state laws and regulations;
  • contains the nature of personal attacks content;
  • imply that the same mix of another person or organization;
  • contains illegal information.

May not use the vague expression to circumvent the above limitations.

Article 13

The user has the right to information, but may not publish information containing the following:

  • against the basic principles established by the Constitution;
  • harm national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;
  • the disclosure of state secrets, endangering state security or harm national honor and interests;
  • incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity, or infringes upon national customs, habits;
  • to promote the cult of superstition;
  • spread rumors, disturbs social order, undermining social stability;
  • propagate obscenity, gambling, violence, or instigating a crime;
  • incitement to unlawful assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration, or gatherings that disturb social order;
  • legal, administrative regulations and state regulations prohibit the other content.

There are total 31 articles but in all those 31, the above two sounds like a clear cut warnings. So BEWARE!!!

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