China’s Microblogging Site Sina Weibo Being Censored In China

Posted on Mar 12 2012 - 6:26am by Editorial Staff

We know China as one of the world’s largest economy but we also know the country’s love for restricting access to websites – latest to add Chinese government banned the popular China’s owned microblogging site Sina Weibo – the site which boast a userbase larges than Twitter and even also had smashed Twitter’s microblogging speed record.

“What they hope to do is to try to prevent massive organizations of people and problems they saw in the Middle East over the years through social media,” said David Bamman, a PhD candidate at CMU. “By preventing people from discussing certain things in China, they have a way to effectively suppress that.” The full study, entitled “Censorship and Deletion Practices in Chinese Social Media,” will be published in this month’s edition of the journal First Monday.

China which back in 2009 had banned Facebook and Twitter had no qualms on social media platforms in the past either when the world’s two largest site, one social networking site and other microblogging site come to the “censored” stage. Well, if with the same phase country is keep on blocking the site that not interests government, than one day will sure comes when only “Chinese labelled “ website will be found on Chinese web-o-spehere.

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