China Telecommunication Operators To Invest $3.7 Billion In IT

Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 12:21pm by Editorial Staff


According to a Sina News report cited data from research firm IDC, China’s Telecommunications IT solutions market is expected to invest $2.7 billion in Information Technology. The country’s telco expected to jump high from 13.9 billion yuan ($2.2 billion) last year to 22.8 billion yuan ($3.7 billion).

The IDC report titled “China telecom industry IT solution 2013-2017 forecast and analysis” discussed the investment growth over steady input from the country’s three dominant telco operators in 2011 along with 4G licenses issuance.

Jiang Jialin an analyst at IDC, said telco operators were confronted with growing mobile Internet and big data era while over-the-top (OTT) services had impacted further from their traditional cashflow generators.

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