China Responds Back To US Over Its Report Against Huawei And ZTE, Call It ‘Subjective Guesswork’

Posted on Oct 11 2012 - 5:43am by Editorial Staff

ZTE Corporation 300x100 ZTE, Huawei Responded Back Over House Committee Allegations

It’s a vice-versa game going on, first based on congressional investigation Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and ZTE said to be the threat to US national security, later on which both companies replied back and now taking stance chance, China responds to United States’ report by calling all it as “subjective guesswork.”

According to China’s publication Xinhua, Ministry spokeman Shen Danyang said the report totally based on “untrue evidence.” Danyang further added that, “we hope the United States can make concrete efforts to create a just and fair market environment for the two countries’ companies and promote a sound development of bilateral economic and trade ties.”

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