Chic Laptop Bags For The Modern Woman

Posted on Dec 1 2015 - 3:41pm by Editorial Staff

In today’s world, your laptop is usually the most precious piece of technology you own. Your hard disk has everything from photos and important documents, to your entire life’s work.

It is essentially your workspace and home entertainment system all rolled into one compact little slab of circuits. You take it everywhere, so it is only natural that you’d want to dress it up.

A laptop bag needs to be versatile so that it complements every outfit and can be carried to work and when you go out.

Of course, it needs to make a style statement while being functional. Since there are so many types of laptop bags available, we’ve put together a list of some of the best-looking laptop bags, so you don’t have to go hunting for them.

Slip It On

Slip It On

Laptop sleeves have distinct advantages over other ways of carrying your laptop. Sleek, efficient, and easy to slip on to your laptop, this laptop sleeve is an ultra-portable solution for those of you who believe in the basics. It can hold 13.3-inch laptops and has a pocket that can hold an A4 file. The smaller pockets are ideal for knick-knacks and basic accessories. The cushioning in the inner lining keeps your laptop safe, so you can put it in your purse without any worries.

Color Me Solid

Color Me Solid

Brighten up your workplace with this vinyl laptop case available on Rediff.Com. This stylish, compact case is definitely not boring! It can be carried with every outfit to make for an interesting contrast, and its smooth outer case gives you a sophisticated look, even as the color screams fun.

This case will fit laptops sized up to 15.4 inches and has velcro straps to keep your stuff together. The silicone handles are as sturdy as they come, so you can go ahead and load this case up with your everyday necessities. It also comes with a handy adjustable strap if you’d rather wear it on your shoulder.

Worried about maintenance? It comes with a dust bag, so storage is easy.

Pretty In Prints

Pretty Pink

Damask prints with hot pink piping? Win!

For the woman who embraces everything feminine, this laptop bag has a soft, cushy look without easing up on functionality at all. It’s large enough to hold a laptop with a 17-inch screen, which also means it’s large enough to hold everything a girl needs for a day out- work or otherwise-and keep it all organized in it many pockets. In fact, you could probably use this for an overnight trip in a pinch.

Polished Perfect

Polished Perfect

The elegant, polished leather bag is unmatched. It’s understated and dependable, and gives the impression that you are too! Perfect for a serious corporate workplace, this bag adds class to any outfit. It is also lightweight, which means that you could take this to that dinner right after work. It wouldn’t look out of place, and will be easy on your shoulders.

The High-Flyer

High Flyer

Too busy jet-setting across the world to change bags before heading to your meeting? This bag is made of gorgeous suede and leather and is perfect for travelling with. It’s checkpoint friendly, so you won’t have to take your laptop out when you’re going through security. The roomy inner pockets let you carry your laptop and work files, and the padded shoulder strap allows for easy maneuverability. It even has a wireless security shield if you have reason to be worried about hackers.

These chic laptop cases are just a few picks from the range available online at Rediff.Com. Get your laptop bags right now!

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