The Challenges And Rewards Of A Goal-Oriented Lifestyle

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 4:49pm by Editorial Staff

Success, whether in the field of business or any other part of life, does not usually come easy, but it can be difficult to determine what really sets those high-flying success stories apart from the rest of us.

Although talent certainly helps, this is almost always matched by fierce dedication. Many successful people have adopted a goal-oriented approach to life that keeps them on track until they’ve achieved everything that they want to in life.

Setting the right goals

Although it’s great to have life-long ambitions and far-sighted dreams, this is not really the same as taking a goal-oriented approach to life. These long-term targets can only be achieved if you first meet smaller, more manageable goals.

A goal-oriented lifestyle, therefore, is all about setting yourself the right targets. Say you want to become a millionaire. That in itself is quite an ambitious dream that may seem impossible to achieve. So instead, your first goal may be to start your own business. Then, you could aim to expand and open multiple premises and finally, you could seek outside investment. In this way, the smaller goals that you set yourself will ultimately help you achieve your longer term targets.

Becoming obsessed

A problem that can surface by taking a goal-oriented approach is that you become fixated on a narrow part of your life, such as your career, neglecting all others. The key to avoiding this is to set a wide range of goals so that you don’t obsessively focus on just one.

If you’re progressing well with your work-based targets, for example, then it’s time to set yourself a personal target to do with your physical well being. Make it an ambition to climb Mt Fuji and start fuelling your energies into this, buying the equipment you need and coming up with an exercise routine.

Each target you set yourself needn’t be expensive either. Shop around to find the best price for any tools or equipment you need and look out for discounts. This Rei sale, for example, could help you meet your workout goals without them costing the earth.

Remind yourself of your goals

Another important aspect of embracing a successful goal-oriented lifestyle is keeping your targets fresh in your mind. If you let your goals fade from the front of your mind, it’s easy to lose focus and slip up in the pursuit of your dreams.

Try writing down your ambitions and placing them somewhere that you’ll look at on a daily basis. This could be next to your bathroom mirror, in your office or on your smartphone – it doesn’t matter where your targets are positioned as long as you keep on top of them.

Know how to measure your progress

Setting goals is all well and good, but how do you know if you’re on your way to achieving them. Measuring your progress, whether it’s a 100 metre time or your company’s profits, is vitally important. If you set the right goals, track your progress and come up with new targets as you go, you’ll soon be basking in the success of a goal-oriented lifestyle.

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