Can We Have A World Without Debt?

Posted on Nov 30 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

Around the world, people are struggling to live and survive. They work whole days to be able to pay for their bills and food. And sadly, at the end of the week they have hardly any money left to afford anything else. What’s worst of all, a lot of people need to go into debt to be able to survive because the amount they earn is simply isn’t enough to survive and lead a normal life. These days it is really hard to find a person who has not at least once ended up in debt. Ending up in debt is extremely easy, but getting out of it is incredibly difficult.

The truth is that this world rests on the principles of debt, which is why people are not having any problems accepting it as a part of their life. They believe that it isn’t that complicated and difficult process as it actually is. And sadly, across the world people are discovering how difficult being in debt truly is, and they are discovering it in a hard way. But, debts are not only personal. There are so many various types of debts that cover everything, from those between ordinary private people, groups, societies or even countries.

As we can see from the example of Greece and its debt, debts truly can have an enormous impact on lives of people and the whole country. Of course, when it comes to a debt there is a huge difference when it is between equals and when the creditor is in the position of power, like the case is with Greece. Just compare it with your personal life. It’s not nearly the same owing money to your friend and to the bank, isn’t it? Do you believe it can be possible to live in the world where debt doesn’t exist? Check out this interesting infographic to discover.


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