Can Tech Save Us From Global Warming? (Infographic)

Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 9:57am by Alexandra Ashton

Advancements of technology has transformed and revived everything today. Similarly, technology has also played its part in resolving the global warming issue as well. There are many projects that have been introduced in this manner. This infographic proficiently describes all of these in an impressive manner.

Discussing about the Earth projects, on the top of it comes Cool Roof Technology. Now what does it mean? Yes, it means to build pale color roof and pavements so that they can reflect a large amount of solar radiations back to the space. Applying this idea would not only reduces the need of air conditioners but also decrease the chance of power outage as well.

Another idea under the Earth projects is the use of Reflective Plastic Sheeting. These sheets can be used to cover desert areas in order to reflect radiations of sun. To practice this concept a total of 170,826km2 area should be covered. This idea is not really applicable to most parts of the world but still scientists are hopeful from this concept.

Another sub idea is named as Biomass Pyrolis. Now what is Pyrolis? It is the process of heating waste of plants in an oxygen-free environment.

One more sub idea under Earth projects is Algae Biofuels. This concept forces to extract fats from algae and make biodiesel fuel from that.

You can explore more about all these projects and other ideas as well in this infographic. This infographic sheds light on all kinds of concepts introduced by various scientists to minimize the effects of global warming.

You may not take part in such kinds of technical issues being a common man but you must have knowledge about all the important issues that are global as well. Global warming is a problem that needs everyone’s attention. All of you should know that how you can play your part in solving this issue in a well-organized manner. Read this infographic to clear your concepts regarding this serious issue and take necessary steps to save earth.


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