Can You Make Business Travel More Cost Effective?

Posted on Jun 9 2017 - 6:44pm by Editorial Staff

When you are running a business, you need to be mindful of cost in every aspect of your work. With recent data indicating that the average cost of domestic travel is $111.7 billion each year, traveling for business can seem costly. However, you may also need to take regular business trips to market your products or meet with investors. So, how do you strike a balance between traveling and saving money? Here are a few tips on how you can still go to meetings, yet save money while doing so.


There is a big difference between traveling business class and economy, however, it does not mean you always have to forsake leg room for the cost. Many airlines have deals on travel, especially if you book two or three months in advance. It might not always be possible to do so, but if you can, then you could be saving yourself much money.

You can also take advantage of budget airlines as well; this is because you will be traveling with minimal luggage. Therefore, the cost could be quite reasonable.


Hotels are another way you can save money, and the range of hotels is huge. You may have stayed in a nice hotel in the past, but you will have to lose some of the luxuries if you want to save money. You can opt for a cheaper hotel, and you can save even more money if you go to a comparison website and compare the best deals.

If you want to be ultra-thrifty, you can opt for a pod hotel. Japan started this revolution, and pod hotel is utilized by Japanese businesspersons who are traveling across their country. Usually located beside airports or other modes of transport, this style of hotel offers enough space, WiFi, TV, USB, and a personal safe at a premium.

City Travel

Navigating throughout and across a city once you arrive can be confusing and tiring, especially if the city is alien to you. While you can save money using public transport, it may require extra walking that could total up to a few minutes too many, or tire and dishevel you before your meeting. Hiring a car from the airport can be expensive both in hire fees and parking charges.

Therefore, you could use a chauffeur service like, who can get you to your place of business and back without any hassle. It can even be cost effective and save valuable time. You can also continue to work in the back, within a quiet space with minimal disturbances.

Social Media

Social media may not sound like the obvious means of acquiring a good deal, but using social media can help you to find the best prices. Many travel companies, hotels and airlines, post last minute deals on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This means you can get a hotel or flight at the last minute and save yourself much money.

There are other ways you can save, such as booking a hotel by the hour and not staying overnight. By conducting your own research, phoning up companies and keeping an eye out for special deals, your business trip can become cost effective.

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