Top 8 Camera Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 9:47am by Joyce Spence


Having a Smartphone not only means having Internet access through mobile phone, but we (me for sure) indeed expect Smartphones to have a lot more amazing features, rather than email facility, MMS send/receive feature, and being able to install several apps (as per the requirement). How can I forget to mention an amazing camera being a must-have feature? Anyway, smartphones do have a camera for sure, but it has to be able to capture real-time pictures and videos to be called an actual Smartphone.

For how long can you adjust with a camera that has nothing to offer but amazing quality photos and videos? Ain’t it good enough to expect from an Android Smartphone camera? Well, when a number of Android camera apps are there, offering amazing features, then a simple camera is not just good enough, no matter how many Mega Pixels sensor it has. Honestly, after using a number of Smartphone camera apps, I simply do not like clicking photos without having my favorite camera app installed on my Android. Based on my review parameters, things I figured out about these camera apps are as follows:

Camera Zoom FX

The Camera Zoom FX is an award winning camera app for Android smartphones, which runs on Android OS v1.6 or above. This superb camera app is available in Google Play Store at a price of $2.99. The developers call it the ultimate app for your Smartphone, as it enables the users to both click and edit photos right at the same interface. Its 6 multiple shooting modes (Stable Shot, Timer, Burst Mode, Collage, Time Lapse, and Voice Activated) feature turning your ordinary clicks into amazing ones. Besides, users can share edited pictures with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social networks.

Little Photo

This $3.85 camera app for Android smartphones is pretty nice, as its user, controls and workflow are quite faster than other conventional apps in similar category. Though Little Photo app in Play Store is available as a free download, paying $3.85 adds a plug-in for some more tools like photo crop, and controls like saturation, contrast, and exposure. Using this app requires you to tap the screen to click photos, and tapping the screen again opens a list of effects, filters, and editing tools. Choose one to preview it right then. However, the Smartphone must be running Android v2.2 or above.

Pudding Camera

The professional camera app, namely Pudding Camera, has 9 different camera qualities and 8 beautiful films to capture DSLR quality images. With a lot of features, including ‘Multi-frame shot’, ‘Fish-eye and toy camera effect’, and various aspect ratios, this app makes the video quality brilliant. To run this 13MB .apk file, the Android version in your Smartphone must not be earlier than 2.2. Though the app in Play Store is available as a free download, the largest resolution of the photos captured with this app is 1280 pixels. However, it is not an issue for sharing photos online.

BeFunky Photo Editor

The search of a good and free of cost photo editor for Android smartphones is over, as Google Play Store has got BeFunky Photo Editor.  In fact, BeFunky is one of the most popular photo editor tools, which has got much better most recently. The app now has tons of effects that are far better and different from other apps do in this category, so you can give a different effect to each photo, can add text to photos, and much more. Apart from all these features, the most interesting thing about this app is that there are no ADS to bother you while editing the photos.

Aviary Photo Editor

If you want your photo editor to do even more than just editing the photos, you should switch to Aviary Photo Editor, but it must be running Android OS version 2.3 or later. This photo editor is a freeware app that works really well. In fact, this should not be termed an app, but a plug-in that adds itself to share option on your Smartphone. This app does not mind if you capture photos directly with the camera, or use a camera app.

Editing photos with this app requires you to tap the share option and choose Aviary from the pop-up list. You get plenty of tools to edit the selected photo, which actually is quite fast and easy to perform.

PicSay Pro

What if buy a photo editor for your Android Smartphone and it does nothing like the way you want it to? PicSay Pro is a $3.99 photo editor for your Android Smartphone running OS version 1.5 or above. This 1.4MB app is able to work on HD photos captured with up to 13MP camera, and everything is just so easy with it. Simply open a photo in the app and proceed with the tool you want to use. For instance, select any of effect, adjust, stickers, and then you get a long vertical list of thumbnails in front of you, each with a different effect. Choose the one you like to go for the selected photo.


As the name suggests, AfterFocus is a professional like photo editor that is able to create DSLR quality images, thereby focusing at the desired area of the photo with its background partially blurred. You can also edit high-resolution (2048 pixels) images with this Android photo editor. However, running this 7.0MB apk file requires Android version 2.0 or later. As per the current statistics, this app has got 4.6/5 rating in the Play Store. In multi-core Android devices, this app performs smooth and quick. Besides, the photos edited with this app are quite natural and realistic.

Paper Camera

Do you like the cartoon and sketch effects on your photos? Have you ever tried any such app to edit your photos? Well, if you haven’t, you must try the app, namely Paper Camera. With this app, you can choose among a variety of filters, which effect you want to put on your photos. Its pretty amazing effects are line drawing and cartoon, and the interface indeed looks like a camera made of paper. Well, having this app installed on your Android Smartphone lets you see the world in a cartoon style that is quite unseen before. However, the supported Android versions are 2.1 and above.

Searching for Android camera apps lists a lot, but you cannot go with them all. The top 8 camera apps listed above, some of which are free while some are paid. Choose any of these and start editing your photos in a secure way.

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