How To Bypass iPhone iOS Passcode On iTunes

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People often purchase iphone or other apple devices from online shopping sites and some even buy them second hand from other users. People do take care of each and every thing before making a purchase like the specifications, phone’s condition after being already used by a first- hand user, the charger pin, battery details and facial condition of the phone. But one thing that people often forgets to check is the iOS lockout bypass. Each and every apple phone comes with the security lock enable into it. In case one buys it from a retail shop or apple showroom then the salesmen there would obviously unlock it for the buyer and adjust the settings for the buyer. But in case on online purchase there is no such salesman service one can avail and hence it is important to check if the iphone iOS passcode is enable or disabled. Also when one is buying a second hand phone then one must check the same before leaving the former user. In case one does not do this checking then he or she will not be able to use the iphone or perform any function in it as the lock screen would restrict the user from using the iphone unless the correct id and password is entered.

How to bypass iphone passcode?

There is one other way in which one can do the iOS lockout bypass without having to search for the former user or having to visit the apple service center. The process of iOS lockout bypass is a bit tricky but one can definitely take up the challenge to use the phone with ease. One needs to know the IMEI number of the iphone or the serial number which usually remain written on the pack. Firstly, one needs to download the unlock tool which remains different for iphone versions. Once downloaded the correct unlock tool then one can proceed with it on the personal computer. One must lick on run as administrator and then click on check. Then one will have to enter the IMEI number and the email id. The next steps involve in selecting the suitable server and proceed. The result will be mailed in the email address that one will provide with the IMEI and this is how to bypass iphone passcode without worrying about the former user’s login details or having to visit the apple service center and waiting for long.

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