Breaking: Facebook Starts Trading At $35.99, Down 2.24 (-5.86%)

Posted on May 21 2012 - 1:32pm by Editorial Staff

The Pre-Market price per share of Facebook was at $37.10, down 1.13 (2.96%) at 8:37AM EDT with current dropped 4.37 percent to $36.56. With such a versed-back figure this is what has happened that we are expecting either: the market starts trading at $35.99, down2.24 (-5.86%).

On day 1, the social giant ends the day at $38.37, up by 0.37 (0.97%) – almost the actual price the company sets, making the company total valuation to $104 billion with an $18.4 billion initial public offering. Facebook starts its first day of trading with $42.12 per share price, up 4 points (10.23%), with later half did the trading at $38 and it remains stable most of the day.

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