Brainstorming Software: 10 Essential Tools To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Some problems are best solved by gathering input or ideas from team members. And to make the process more efficient and organized, there are brainstorming software applications designed to handle this task. We have selected ten of the most frequently used applications which you can choose from:

10. MindManager

MindManager is a premium comprehensive brainstorming software application that enables users to organize different ideas in one view. You can simply gather, drag and drop ideas to make them more organized. You can also add videos, images, attachments and hyperlinks to support each idea. It works with both Windows and Mac.

9. Wisemapping

Wisemapping is another web-based tool for getting and organizing ideas. It enables you to invite a new team member, collaborate your inputs, and then save them to SVG, PDF or other image formats. With this application, you can also easily import or export files, share ideas with other collaborators, and embed ideas into blogs. Best of all, you can use Wisemapping for free.

8. Stormboard

Stormboard provides an avenue where you could brainstorm and collaborate ideas in real-time. Using an online whiteboard,  you can add ideas, attach photos and videos, and vote or prioritize ideas. Each of the ideas suggested will have a comment thread to allow clarifications and debate. Furthermore, Stormboard supports mobile devices so you can access your whiteboard anytime and anywhere.

7. iMindMap

iMindMap is a mind mapping application that is designed to be visually attractive and stimulating to users. It uses bright colors, curved branches and sharp images to promote creativity. Each user will have a mind map that is fully customizable. There are many texts and styling options that you can use to create, plan, refine and animate your ideas.

6. MindMeister

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, MindMeister is another popular application for brainstorming. This program allows you to share ideas in real-time, discuss or debate ideas over live chat, and view changes made in the mind map. All the data inputted are encrypted for security. You can monitor your mind map online or offline or through a mobile device for greater flexibility.

5. Xmind

Xmind is a desktop-based mind mapping tool that features a timer mode for keeping track of your brainstorming ideas. It is an open source application with a capability for blog embedding. You can use this software to communicate with other collaborators via LAN. If you are managing more than one project, you can view your tasks in Excel and arrange them according to priority. Additionally, if you want to get started immediately, you can use any of its templates to get started.

4. is another web-based brainstorming application that can embed a mind map in your website or blog, or send it through email. It is also a useful tool for collaborating and brainstorming without touching your mouse. Because of its simple and easy-to-use interface, there is almost no learning curve required to use this application.

3. Mindomo

With both web-based and desktop versions, Mondomo provides more flexibility with its use. It has a familiar interface similar to that of Microsoft Word. This application can improve communication within a team and can give you a common place where you can share ideas and thoughts. It also enables you to create various tasks and assign tasks to teammates. Furthermore, it has a feature called Notes which ensures that team members in the same project receive the same guidelines and instructions.

2. Free Mind Map

Because it is free and has numerous useful brainstorming features, Free Mind Map is worth considering. This application is simple and easy to use. You can use keyboard shortcuts to make mind maps quickly and to get started with collaborating ideas.

To get started, you will have to write your subject in a child node. With this program, there is a wide range of styles and font sizes to choose from. There are also a number of tools that you can use to present and collaborate your ideas.

1. MindMap

MindMap is a comprehensive brainstorming software with built-in Google Drive, CloudBox and Dropbox. Work is saved in the Cloud or in a local storage with the option to export, print, embed in blogs or share in social media. You can customize the fonts and styles to use including the position of each node or idea. Overall, MindMap is a free application with many features for idea gathering, organizing and sharing.

The brainstorming software applications listed above are just some of the useful tools you can use to solicit ideas from team members to accomplish a certain project or task. If you know of other tools or applications that are also helpful and even more powerful than those listed, please let us know in your comments.

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