Bloomberg: Surface RT Sales Numbers Reportedly Over 1 Million, Surface Pro At 400,000 Units

Posted on Mar 15 2013 - 5:26am by Editorial Staff

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft has sold over 1 million Surface RT devices, with about 400,000 Surface Pro units in just a period of over a month. Well, if that’s the story, it strongly suggests that consumers are more interested in purchasing the Surface Pro instead of Surface RT, which unveiled at the time when Windows 8 debuted last year in October.

Going on stats which will give us more cleared picture which states on which tablet did how much cool in real? Starting with the Surface RT which went on sale on October 26th, less than five months from now, a rough sale of 1.1 million units take place while the Surface Pro which debuted on February 9th, a little more than a month, the company sold 400,000 units making the picture perfect.



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