BitTorrent Inc. Suing Berlin-based Bittorent Marketing GmbH Over IP Infringement

Posted on May 23 2012 - 8:48am by Editorial Staff

News to amaze you: the parent company who owes BitTorrent file sharing protocol is moving to court in order to protect its intellectual property. The company is suing the Berlin-based Bittorent Marketing GmbH in California for infringing its trademark name – the BitTorrent.

According to the suit: “Defendant is capitalizing on misdirected users who are seeking to avail themselves of BitTorrent’s products and services and are instead led to defendant’s BitTorrent website (through defendant’s use of the infringing domain names). Users are then presented with offers to access and download digital media and content that they would typically find through plaintiff’s BitTorrent client and protocol, and likely sign up and pay for the services available through defendant’s BitTorrent website under the misimpression that such services are offered by, sponsored by, or affiliated with plaintiff.”

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