A Bit Of Personality Is Never A Bad Thing In Social Media Marketing

Posted on Jan 6 2017 - 9:54pm by Editorial Staff

Social media hasn’t just changed how many people businesses can reach and how easily they can reach them. It has blurred the lines and put them on the same level as the consumer. With how easy it is for people to see and reply to your messages and even how easy it is for their replies to be seen by your followers, the old way of thinking will do. Professionalism needs to make a little space for personality.


Know who you’re talking to

A bit of personality is going to help you in any regard, but there are ways of showing a personality that might work for some, but shock and offend others. For instance, when dealing with consumers with luxury goods like food, you have more room to be warm, friendly, and even a bit cheeky. With business to business providers, however, it’s a better idea to focus more on the team and effort they put in their service and how their day goes. Your customers will like seeing the people they spend their time talking to, after all. As always, your target audience must be in mind.

Pull back the curtain

Showing your face, or any faces in the business, really, has its merits. Personalizing the business makes it appear more like the collection of people rather than a purely corporate entity. This fosters trust and more open communication.


Spice up your messaging a little

Platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow users to go a little off-the-wall with their messaging. If any of the social media team has a knack for using the kind of emojis and symbols they can copy and paste here, then consider letting them off the leash with them a little. It can create a humorous contrast to the rest of the brand that stands out a little more. Again, it shows that there are people just like the audience behind the curtain of digital communication.

Know when to play around

Some brands can build lots of followers from all kinds of demographics. If you have an open and generally more accepting group, then don’t be afraid to share a joke or two with them. The faux customer service approach, offering bizarre answers to bizarre questions, or just retweeting with funny replies, creates a shared experience between the brand and its followers. People like anyone who can have a bit of a laugh.


Add a story

The personal touch isn’t just used to spread humor, of course. It should also be used to give a deeper understanding of your brand, your products, and your value. Learn how to tell a story on social media using the right imagery. It’s even better to get the audience involved in that story. Crowdsource it by creating a campaign where people take pictures, perhaps with your products involved, and use it to show both positive social proof and the value of your brand.

Through humor, through a bit of style, and a personal story, social media can create a stronger allegiance to your brand than ever before. Just make sure you’re playing the right cards to the right crowd.

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