Bing Maps Updated With 270TB Of Bird’s Eye Imagery

Posted on Jun 11 2013 - 11:01pm by Editorial Staff

Microsoft today announced that it has updated its Bing Maps with now nearly 270 terabytes of data (or the equivalent of 100,000 DVDs) with following the addition of Bird’s Eye imagery. The company also announced that it has expanded its venue maps to over 4,700 Venue Maps in more than 59 countries in total as well as addition of a new “Report a problem” feature.


The tech giant now has a total of 1,452,958 sq km, or half a petabyte of data, in Bird’s Eye scenes from around the world. To check on Bing Maps’ new Bird’s Eye coverage from this release, check the yellow color in the below World map.


While when you zoom within a level of 1000 feet, purple and green polygons will appear to outline particular points of interest for a given venue. Green shading indicates restaurants, while stores appear purple. Also, when you click on any outlined polygon, a directory will appear with a full list of points of interest and offer options to visually explore additional floors of the venue.

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