Better Qualified but Fewer Opportunities (Infographic)

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 8:27am by Alexandra Ashton

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There’s an endless list of problems faced by mankind now, and one of them is the racial minorities’ job opportunities. You could read more about Christopher Hitchens work on how the employment culture of the world works, or you could refer to Paul Krugman on how the economy is making it hard for racial minorities to get their due in the employment market. Or you could even simply remember your past, and see those friends you have that didn’t get the kind of opportunities that many non-minority cultures have received. There’s a lot to talk about this topic, and you need a more succinct guide.

There’s a lot to learn from all that is happening in the world, and if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, you have to start with topics that interest you and that matter to you. If the issue of race in relation to getting the right job opportunities is of your interest, and you want to research more about how the right employment opportunities get fairly distributed to the different minorities, then it would be easy for you to understand the world better if you read books about what a racial minority really is. But there’s so much time to invest in a long prodigious book, and although books should be the reference you need, it would also help to go for more succinct summaries of the data you require.

This infographic could offer you the essentials on the statistics, figures and other details on how the racial minorities are faring in the employment market. There is no solid evidence to declare that race has anything to do with getting the right job opportunities, but it seems that the reality of the situation makes it easy to say that race does apply in getting hired for the right job. It’s safer to say that if you could just do the job, and speak the language required by the employer, then race wouldn’t apply. Anyway, there’s a lot to speak about of this topic and you can learn more of that in this infographic right here.


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