Better Manage Surplus Food With Spoiler Alert

Posted on Dec 19 2016 - 9:03am by Editorial Staff

Did you know that a fair share of food and perishables in the supply chain are lost to spoilage during transport and storage every day? While businesses spoilage very seriously to reduce their losses, this loss can be averted if the perishables reach the needy in time. Spoiler Alert, a technology company, can help companies reduce losses by connecting them to the needy well in time.

Spoiler Alert has a network of non profits that are looking for donors and suppliers to provide them with resources, which businesses can provide before they get spoilt and even claim tax benefits. By bringing the two together and providing a platform to handle the transfer, payments, documentation and distribution along with instant messaging and real time tracking, Spoiler Alert has created a win-win situation for businesses and non profits.

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