Best Ways To Choose Accessories For Wedding Dress

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 10:04am by Joel Cordle


Every woman wants to look perfect on their wedding day. While choosing the perfect gown can be challenging, accessorizing it is even more difficult. Everyone may want to have a glimpse on your ring but accessorizing your wedding dress does not end there. You want to make sure that everything you’ll wear will complement each other. You don’t want your look to be too “crowded” or “cluttered” right?

Whether you’re selecting A Line wedding dresses or chiffon wedding dresses, here are some tips in choosing bridal jewelry.

Tips in choosing bridal jewelry

The Basics

  • Consider your wedding gown. The basic rule is that the accessories should complement your gown. Therefore, if you are wearing a luxury wedding dress with a lot of intricate details, the simpler the jewelry should be. If you go for a simple gown, then a bit of sparkle is required.
  • Check the neckline. The gown’s neckline can help you in choosing the perfect pair of jewelry. Gowns that have a low neckline call for an elaborate necklace while high neckline gowns mean chandelier earrings over necklace. If you prefer a halter gown, try headbands or put some sparkle on your hair.
  • Be practical. Although the wedding may be an important event that calls for special pieces, make sure to go for accessories that you can use over and over. 

Choose your metals 

  • Check the shade of your wedding dress. This can help you determine the kind of metal you will use.
  • White dress means a platinum or silver jewelry. As much as possible, stay away from yellow gold.
  • An off white dress can be accessorized with gold, silver or platinum. Rose gold can work too.
  • An ivory dress calls for a gold jewelry to highlight the tint of the fabric.
  • A colored dress such as blue or pink can have more flavour when you use a matching jewelry in the same color of the gown. 

Know your gems 

  • Pearls. Pearl as a bridal jewelry dates back during the time of the ancient Greeks. Fast forward today, pearls are considered as a classic choice when it comes to bridal jewelry. Whether you are wearing a white or off white gown, pearls can be your best choice. And it will never run out of style too.
  • Diamonds. Truly, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. And when it comes to bridal jewelry, diamonds will never be left behind. It is the best way to add that “sparkle” in your entire bridal look plus, it can work with any type of gowns too.
  • Try to add some color. There’s nothing wrong with being bold, brave and unconventional. Should you decide to go for colored gems, just make sure it will complement and enhance your look and the gown as well. 

Choose your piece. 

  • Necklace. You can go for collar necklaces, which can be a great accent to low or strapless neckline, or a choker which can work well with a jewel neckline. You can also go for the classic pieces with a chain and pendant or an opera necklace which can create a dramatic look for gowns with a high neckline.
  • Earrings.Your earrings will also depend on your necklace. If you have a grand or elaborate necklace, then the earrings should be simple. Otherwise, a no-necklace look can call for dramatic earrings to highlight your look. But if you are wearing an elaborate hairpiece, then earrings should be out of the list.
  • Bracelet. A bracelet can be worn with sleeveless, short sleeve or three-quarter sleeve gowns. As to the watch, it is advised not to wear it on your wedding day unless it’s a family heirloom. 

Above everything else, what you wear should reflect you and no one else. Wear it with comfort and confidence and you’ll definitely have that timeless bridal glow and look on your big day.

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