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Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 11:03am by Amy Labbadia

Los Angeles

Los Angeles enjoys a reputation as being chic and trendy, and this extends to their cuisine too. Whether you are in search of some delicious vegan food or fresh Japanese sashimi, LA has it all: if you’re looking for inspiration, then keep reading for our list of the best restaurants in LA.

Café Gratitude

Tailoring to vegan diners, Café Gratitude is all about fresh and healthy food. If your head is conjuring up images of bland steamed vegetables, then think again. You can enjoy sumptuous dishes of sautéed vegetables and even pizza, followed by one of Café Gratitude’s wonderful desserts – how does cashew-milk ice cream sound? 


As Alma prides itself on only using local and fresh ingredients, you may find their menu changes daily, depending on what is available at the farmers’ markets. However, no matter what you end up eating at the restaurant, it is guaranteed to be cooked to the highest perfection. Dishes in the past have included oyster stew and dry aged New York steak.

Wat Dong Moor Lek

Serving authentic Thai cuisine in a friendly setting, Wat Dong Moor Lek will appeal to anyone who is a fan of good food. Choose from a mouth-watering menu of rice, noodle and soup dishes, all of which have their own delicious merits. There is also a variety of tasty drinks to choose from, including pineapple and basis smoothies and Thai ice tea.


Ever have the urge to sink your teeth into a perfectly cooked bit of meat? Well, at Cut you can do just that. The restaurant specialises in wonderful cuts of meat, from American Wagyu beef to the classic New York strip. Of course, if you’re eating steak you’ll want some fries to go with that, homemade ones preferably, which is exactly what you’ll get at Cut.

The Hungry Cat

Dig in to some of LA’s most amazing cuisine at the Hungry Cat. You’ll find all manner of items on the restaurant’s menu, all of which include the freshest ingredients. Tuck in to meals of heirloom tomato with watermelon or soft shell crab served with sweet peppers and squash. And if you’re thirsty, you’ll be happy to know they also serve a comprehensive cocktail menu.

Hinoki& the Bird

A sprawling menu of delicious treats, from salt and pepper calamari to apple marinated short rib, will keep you coming back to this establishment again and again. Not only is the food completely fresh, but it is cooked to perfection by the restaurant’s talented chefs. Don’t forget to order one of their speciality cocktails too!

Loteria Grill

If Mexican food is your cup of tea then look no further than the Loteria Grill. From soups and salads to classic tacos, you’ll find a delicious range of treats to fill your stomach with. Tuck in to a fresh cactus salad or order something off the specials menu, like pan-seared red snapper. Wash it all down with an authentic margarita.


Japanese food enthusiasts will treasure a meal at Takao, which has a worldwide reputation for being one of the best Japanese restaurants in the US. Feast upon utterly fresh and delicious sashimi rolls or Japanese scallops, accompanied by a warming selection of sakes. There’s no better way to celebrate Japanese cuisine.


Specialising in French cuisine, Patina is fast becoming one of LA’s hotspots. Enjoy one of their main courses or indulge in a tasting menu, which features delights such as braised short rib, Alaskan halibut and – to top it all off – caramel chocolate namelaka. An extensive wine list featuring some of the world’s best wines make for your menu’s perfect companion.


As the recipient of various awards, it’s no surprise that Allumette features on our list of LA’s best restaurants. Always boasting a lively atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious food whilst rubbing shoulders with some of LA’s finest. Devour dishes of fresh seafood, innovative pasta and sinful desserts, topping it off with one of their signature cocktails.

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