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At the end of the year 2012, we bring to you some of the best gadgets made and introduced. Amazing new products have been presented this year, benchmarking the technological advancement in the field of gadgetry.  2012 saw the birth of many new products that promise great potential and pave new frontiers for the future.

But everything does not deserve to be called the “best”, so let’s see what made it to this year-end list of i2mag where we tell you what gadget upped the bar of technology and what gadget dint make much a difference.

Samsung Galaxy Note II


Galaxy Note II

The Note 2 is surprisingly thin and just sleek and light to fit into the pocket. The height and width, of this giant phone, however makes it a two-hander phablet. It features a 5.5-inch super AMOLED screen one of the most vibrant displays seen this year. It had hit the 5 million sales mark at the end of November, which is quite a feat considering this is not a conventional format phone. If you want the big performer and don’t mind big size, it’s the best one out there, just re-size your pockets and grab one.

Kindle eReader

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

If you are tired of being called a book worm you can move on to Kindle e-Reader and be the fashionable nerd. The Kindle allows you to read in bright sunlight without glare, (a very rare quality).  It has a clear 6 inch advanced E Ink display which gives an almost a real book reading experience. With 2 GB of internal memory and nearly 1.25 GB user memory, this affordable gadget stores up to 1500 books. It supports TXT, PDF, HTML, JPEG and other formats. Book worms will have a fun digital reading experience with the Amazon Kindle, an ergonomic e-book reader. It also has an added feature of a built-in dictionary which you can refer to while reading your favorite novel.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet

The Microsoft’s Surface interface is elegant, powerful and above all, versatile. The tablet feels strong and well-built, and includes good video and music services. Its keyboard touch accessory offers a great solution for those of you who don’t enjoy typing on the touch pad. The only not so good feature about it is its Windows Store which is a quite empty. Metro interface, which is new also takes some getting used to. We would suggest it if you’re an early adopter who is willing to forget the conventional way of navigating on a computer. If you are still thinking just wait for it to hit the market with new apps.

iPhone 5


iPhone 5

Finally Apple agreed to the markets requirement for bigger display and for the first time since the introduction of iPhone, the display has been increased to 4 inches. The other thing an Apple fan boys would figure out with ease is the sound quality which is unquestionably fuller and deeper than the 4S model. The only visible distinctive feature differentiating the iPhone 5 from the other iPhones is the brace of glass strips at the top and bottom of the rear, which gives both the black & white models an elite product feel.

Asus Nexus 7

Nexus Tablet

Nexus Tablet

Asus, a world leader in manufacturing the best and sturdiest mother-boards for desktops now brings NEXUS 7 in association with Google. The display of this devise in not the best in its class but it is pretty sharp. Multi-tasking is made much smoother with the NVIDIA Tegra quad core processor and 1GB RAM. It has 8/16 GB internal memory with no expansion slots, but when there is cloud networking & storage from Google why carry the Micro-SD cards? But the best thing, you get all these features at just around 200 USD!! You might want to watch out the Android compatibility with the tablets as it’s not comparable to iTunes.

Olympus PEN E-PM2 Digital camera

Olympus, one of the most renowned name the camera world launched its best model so far, the sleek PEN E-PM2. This 16 megapixel camera comes with Truepic VI engine for image processing. It is easy to use with its interactive 3 inch touch display with a unique feature of touch focus. This model is priced at 550 USD which makes it a little less affordable (the best always comes at a heavy price).

LG 84 inch 3D Television

LG 84-inch TV

LG 84-inch TV

LG introduces the world’s biggest, 84 – inch 3D Ultra definition HD Television. This thing is not just huge but also smart, running with dual core processors. It also features LG 3D television for conversion of 2D movies to 3D. The TV has the best contrast ratio in the market, and they achieve it with the help of LED PLUS. True Motion 240Hz gives clear picture even in high speed action and its fun when you switch to a sports channel. The LG 3D TV is not just big but it is the best.

Apple iPad 4th Generation

Apple introduced its latest model of I-Pad with a new 1 GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM. This iPad comes with its own proprietary connector called Lightening which managed to accelerate its speed but unfortunately does not go well with other gadgets. The feature that makes it stand out from its predecessors is its brilliant retina display.

2012 has seen some of the tech giants truly bring their game onto the battle field of technology. We have seen a new breed of ultra-books that have redefined the way we work, view and share content on the move; mobiles that have not only turned faster but also smarter; high performance cameras and handy cams that generate high quality images and videos and high-tech TVs of all sizes that boast high definition & ultra-definition picture quality; technology has true pushed the boundaries of what we call possible.

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