Best High-Paying Jobs For Business Majors

Posted on May 7 2015 - 10:00am by Editorial Staff

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When you step into your college, you have high expectations about what you will learn and how you would like your life to be. Opting for business as a major, adds to this weight of expectations and by the time you are about to graduate, these expectations beat you down. The slow economic conditions in the market are not helpful either and you might feel bogged down. But what if we told you we had a list of good jobs to make your career after college. Surprised? Well, here is a list of the best paying jobs for business career.

IT Project Manager

With computing being the forefront of modern technology, the IT industry is the one of the best paying industries in the world today. As a manager with a business background, you would be expected to create plans for execution of work and follow the progress of work with your team mates. Smart allocation of resources and coordinating between teams and the client are key qualities for being successful in this industry. You could also take up a consulting role or work with equipment manufacturers to help manage their projects. Typical median pay for this role is around $95000 per annum.

Media Supervisor

From a typical office job to one that is more in the glittering world of media, a media supervisor work with a broad range of people to ensure that a company spends its media budgets judiciously and in the most effective manner. One day you could be negotiating a deal with a TV producer and the next day you could be sitting with the CEO of newly popular website that has caught the imagination of the young and old alike and discuss how your company’s product can benefit from being advertised through their media outlet. The median pay in this industry is approximately $71000 per annum.

Construction Project Manager

If you have always been excited by the frenetic building activity in your town or city, you should consider becoming a part of the real estate growth by becoming a construction project manager. You will work closely with architects, contractors and probably even some politicians to help them plan and execute their projects in a timely and cost controlled manner. You could a part of the team that is executing the tallest building in the city or bringing the swanky subway trains to your town. The median pay in this segment is around $69000 per annum.

Regional Sales Manager

A sales manager is the commander of his troops who fight it out everyday to keep the company up and running. Without sales, a company can reduce to nothing in a matter of a few months. It is only the money that is generated out of sales that keeps a company running. So, if you like assigning targets to your team and encouraging them to achieve them, then the sales manager position is for you. Typically, a sales manager also makes around $ 71000 per annum. The best part is that you could be associated with any industry, whether it be cosmetics, healthcare, software or even selling office stationary.

Account Executive

This is rather a new stream of job that has come up in recent times. An account executive combines the skills of a sales executive with the composure and stability of a sales manger while also being technically competent about the product. His role is not only to convert leads into business, but also maintain the account by providing help and support at all times. This multi-disciplinary role can earn you a handsome $65000 a year and could be in any industry that you like.

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