Best European Cities To Visit And Explore In Cooler Months

Posted on Sep 10 2013 - 12:27am by Wilson

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Europe is definitely a great place to visit in summer but if you have missed the chance somehow, there is no need to worry about. Believe me or not Europe is still a great place to explore in winter. As a fact of matter, you can enjoy some spectacular sceneries that are free of usual rush caused by millions of travellers that throng them in summers and you will also get some unbelievable off-season prices and off course an undisturbed local flavor. Following lines unveils some of the most exquisite European Destinations that you should travel in winter.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is famous as the official residence of everyone’s favorite Santa Claus and a fistful of Christmas clichés characterize this beautiful city. It is free to visit the white beard man that hangs out in the atmospheric circle grotto taking pictures is another story.  You can also get an insight of the place in the Arktikum Museum where reindeer and snow adds a festive spirit to the city.

Athens, Greece

It is really a cumbersome task to explore the core of city in summers where high tourist pricing, crowding, air pollution, intense heat and other summer stresses make it extremely difficult to even survive. However these things disappear in winter and therefore, it is the best time to experience country’s local culture and city’s rich heritage. Similarly, it is also the perfect time to capture the beautiful landscape and ancient history of Greece in photographs and techniques like custom photo printing.

Andalucía, Spain

You can expect fairly mild temperatures even in winters because some parts of Andalucía are further south than the African coast. The best thing about this place is that there is usually minimal crowd in winter in and around breathtaking attractions like Seville’s Cathedral and Alhambra of Granada. Similarly, the nightlife and tapas is extremely enticing and accommodations are cheap. However, if you also enjoy a snow sport action, you can head to Sierra Nevada near Granada.

Transylvania, Romania

It is quite understandable that you cannot enjoy the true spirit of Dracula’s liar on a crystal clear day. On the other hand, it is worth trying to roam in these places under grey skies, a smattering of snow and bare trees. In this regard, you can visit the two beautiful medieval cities, Sighişoara and Braşov that also have some vague connections to the historical Dracula, the Vlad Ţepeş.

Venice Italy

Venice is hauntingly beautiful to visit in summers but it is even more fun and excitement to explore this gorgeous city in cooler months. In February every year, a carnival is held in the city that is famous worldwide and a European highlight beyond any doubt. Spooky masses and elaborate customs bring the glorious and colorful history of city back to life. You can also enjoy a free ball after buying a mask from the street but these affairs are often extremely crowded.  Similarly, the best thing to do while you are in Venice is to take some beautiful photographs of some of the most spectacular architectural masterpieces in the world and later transfer them to canvas prints to immortalize your happy memories of the place.


Against common perception, Europe is a great place to travel to in winters where you can find enchanting natural sceneries in addition with some man made attractions. Accommodations are usually cheap and there will be no overcrowding even in the most popular tourist spots and therefore, you will find both your money and time well spent.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

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