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Posted on Sep 10 2013 - 11:16am by Davis Miller


Do you want to learn how to sell ice to an Eskimo? The sales business is one though domain where only the best of the best can succeed. Without determination, willpower, and sneaky techniques, you can’t get awesome sales. Why do people hate salespeople? The answer: because they talk too much. Yet, fast talkers are the ones who close the most deal. Famous author Wendy Weiss highlights that salespeople in general are too focused on the end result. That’s why they fail, because they neglect the steps and principles required to reach that goal.

Make friends

Building relationships is the key to transforming human interactions into victories. This means that you should try to befriend your clients and find something that you have in common, something that has nothing to do with the products you’re trying to sell. You can make a nice comment on your client’s jewelry, clothes or phone, and then simply lead the discussion in the right direction.

Sell value to the people

As a sales person, offer your customers valuable things and don’t try to fool them. If you try to take advantage of your clients and talk them into purchasing something they don’t really want, you will lose credibility. If you seem unreliable in front of your customers you have very little chances of being successful.

Alter their perceptions

Your role as a sales person is to offer people something better and assure that they’re satisfied with the product acquired. If your client wants to buy a Chevy but they don’t want a pricey model, what do you do to convince them a car worth double is better? You can start talking about safety, because that’s what people want to hear when they’re looking to invest in something; they want to hear that a certain product is reliable and durable.

Shut up!

You may have a talent for sweet talk, but that won’t work in the sales business. Remember that people are sick and tired of sellers who talk too much. Keep it short and simple, make yourself likable and answer every question with another question to keep the conversation going.

Be sincere!

Most customers can tell when someone is being honest with them or not. You must always be as sincere and as frank as possible. Don’t pretend that a particular product is better than it actually is and don’t try to hide potential flaws. Being dishonest will affect your store as well as your reputation, and you might lose a lot of clients in the long run.

Add-on, Cross-sell or Upsell

Proficient sales representatives always struggle to upsurge sales after the client has selected a product. For instance, if your client bought a bed, the agent will suggest purchasing some new sheets too, and this technique is called adding-on. It’s a really widespread practice and there’s nothing wrong with it, providing that you’re selling value.

Cross-selling and up-selling are directly linked to people’s fears. If they want to buy a product but you inform them it comes with certain disadvantages, they will look for something better, something more durable. If goes without saying that the new product recommended by you, the sales person, has to be more expensive.

Persistence pays off

This doesn’t mean that you should harass you clients, but you should be diligent, ambitious and show them that you care. Most retailers are not interested in what their clients think or want, and that’s wrong. Show empathy and you will manage to establish a nice relationship with your clients.

Don’t show desperation

Regardless of how much you want to make a sale, you should never approach a client with the only purpose to sell. Remember that you’re offering them a product that will help them make their lives better and your attitude must reflect that.

Do you want to become an awesome salesperson? Are you honest enough for your clients? Then you might have a shot at closing excellent deals. Average people are fond of sellers who know what they’re talking about. If you know your products like the palm of your hand and you’re not afraid to exhibit both their pros and cons, you should be fine. Talk fluently with potential clients, answer all their questions, be nice, and last but not least, smile!

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