Bag Free Apps From The Pool Of iTunes And Enjoy Hassle Free Life

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 10:04am by Nancy Griffin


Not so surprising that there is a plethora of apps that can be availed for iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad and iPod touch and most of them are free. Following is the list that showcases a wide range of iPhone apps that may be based on travel, social networking, photography, news or productivity. Here, we have listed a few amazing apps that iPhone users can download it for free and can explore on their iOS device. The bag top apps for free are as follows:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Digital Photography editing can be best done using a platform which is highly compatible on laptop and desktop computers. Adobe has proved this false as it offers a mobile as the platform using which one can easily do the photo-editing for free of cost on all iOS devices. Photoshop Express also hosts the powerhouse of mobile app that can easily handle the noise reduction.


The Microsoft name has been attached to this, but there is no price tag. PhotoSynth is highly capable of employing this amazing panorama. The best thing is that it is user-friendly and it is a real fun in using it especially at times you are watching your panoramas taking shape while capturing.


If you are using a highly collaborative and powerful task management platform, then Asana will be the definite choice to install Asana for free as an iPhone app. It is highly lucrative art of Asana puzzle as well as it is great, but pretty small app to-do. At a single time, Asana can collaborate with 30 people.

LinkedIn Pulse

RSS is inheriting a reputation as a dry technology and thus, it feeds the user with the dull list of headlines. Pulse will flip the RSS on its head by providing the streams of various feeds that is required for grabbing an eye with the photograph. This iPhone Development Services might not be for the hardcore RSS crowd, but if you will follow a few feeds, it will be the great choice.


As per the latest newcomer for the cloud syncing and storage wars, this app will work amazingly on the iPhones. The user can acquire at least 20 GB of free space which is completely heaping at its most. At the price of 99 bucks, you can easily buy 1TB of space and for a month, you just need to pay $99. You can also get the infinite storage just because of ample of space as it is extremely worth-full for the backup of mobile video. The interface is also amazing as well.


It may be a possibility that a few aspects of cinema listings app have got disappointed with US-centric things. However, it will succeed wherever it matters. Just choose the app figures and a film wherever you are located no matter, nearby display times or cinemas that have been chosen for film showcasing. However, efficiency can be boosted by pinning the favorite cinemas at the top of the list.

These apps are worth free of cost and thus, they have been downloaded in a huge number by the people across the globe. You may also Hire Dedicated iPhone Developer, in case; you need any such apps with a little customization.

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