Bad Credit Keeping You From Receiving A Loan?

Posted on Jun 9 2017 - 9:59am by Editorial Staff

I think part of growing up for all of us is learning a lesson from the mistakes we make. Each of us have a few memories that we would give anything to go back and change. While these mistakes can happen in several different areas of our lives, the bad decisions which affect our credit often come with the biggest consequences.

Between my last two years of college and the nine months after graduation that were spent looking for serious work, I had begun racking up a large amount of debt. What started as a loan or two with a small monthly payment led to a few credit cards, overtime, which were used for making payments on one another. It didn’t take long for things to start getting out of control.

Finally finding a career

After around ten months after graduation, I was hired by the company I still work at today. I was hired at a salary much more than I had ever earned before and it didn’t take long to be given a few raises and a couple of bonuses. This would have been the perfect opportunity for me to begin repairing some of the damage I had done to my credit. Instead, I started spending more money than ever before. And because of the amount of my salary, I was even able to find a couple of lines of credit.

I already mentioned that I am still employed with this company. But, I didn’t mention just a year after I was originally hired, the company had to cut several employees, including my position. After being laid off, it would be over 14 months until I would be called to return to work.

This was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had grown accustomed to having a certain amount of money that was no longer available. I was able to find another temporary job, but the salary wasn’t even half of what I was used to be. My credit was wiped out and it seemed as if there was no way out.

Losing everything

After returning the car I could no longer afford, moving into a smaller apartment, and returning a few electronics I had financed, my credit dropped to an all time low. I talked to a few friends about the situation, and one of them told me about a place offering personal loans for poor credit scores. I had my doubts, but I had to check it out. There were no other options left.

I visited the website which was provided and began the process right away. I was surprised at just how simple they made the process. For the first time in my adult life, I put some thought into the decision I was making. Instead of taking a loan for the full amount that was offered, I only accepted what was needed to get me through. I knew I would eventually be returning to my old job, I just needed to make it through a few more months. has a list of options for you to consider if you think a personal loan is an option for you.

When I was finally able to return to work, life was different. I stayed in that small little apartment, continued using the bus for transportation, and began doing what was needed to improve my credit.

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