Are You Backing Up Your Files Properly?

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 4:51pm by Editorial Staff

If you are a small business or someone who uses a laptop or PC for personal use then you won’t have an IT department or expert to help you select the right options when to comes to backing up your files.

Why do I need to back up my files?

Now, this is an interesting question and if you’ve never lost an important file before then you won’t have gone through the pain of trying in vain to recover it. There are tears in the eyes of students in universities across the world every day upon realization that the work they have spent all day completing, is no longer there and a deadline is fast approaching.

For large businesses which have important files, the scenario is more likely to involve crisis meetings and every available member of the IT department frantically trying to resolve the issue. It could even lead to regulatory sanctions, fines and reputational damage. Data loss is, in one word, catastrophic. This is unlikely to happen though if they have an adequate data recovery plan.

There are other ways of recovering data, if you hire a specialist company to try to do it for you. Or you may be advised by them to invest in RAID 6 recovery software. If you run a business where the impact is substantial, then you should look into this if you don’t want to leave it to chance.

If you’re not responsible for backing up data for a large business, then you can take a breath of relief. However, it is still massively important for you to have back ups. Regardless of what you store on your PC or laptop, the chances are that if you lost it, you would regret not backing up your files. Whether they are cherished family photos, the accounts that you keep in your job as club secretary or a portfolio of work, CVs etc. The time to recreate documents would be monumental and for things like photos, they are simply irreplaceable. If you haven’t uploaded onto Facebook or another platform and you only had them on your laptop that has now been broken or stolen, those photos will never be seen again.

The reality is harsh, so it is really important that you take the appropriate measures to ensure your files are backed up. There are many different ways to back up files these days and many of them are free or little cost, so in the balance of paying and taking the risk, ask yourself how much it would impact you if you lost the files. Is it worth spending say £3 per month for the peace of mind? If you don’t want to back up through third party companies, then you can back up onto a memory stick or hard drive as an alternative, or even as well.

It all goes down to how valuable those files are to you and how much time and money you will invest in protecting them.

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