How To Avoid The Most Common Product Design Mistakes In Business

Posted on Jun 13 2017 - 10:18am by Editorial Staff

Mistakes happen in all walks of life. Sometimes, making mistakes doesn’t matter that much as they can easily be fixed. From a business standpoint, mistakes are almost always costly. Especially when they’re made when you’re designing and making a product.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the most common product design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Having Clearly Defined Goals

You should have goals with every product you create. Sometimes, the aim of a product is to look good, and the aesthetic appeal is the top priority. Other times there’s an emphasis on function, with looks not mattering. A lot of the time, there’s an emphasis on striking a balance between both. If you don’t figure out what the main aim of your product is, then you will struggle to design it. Define your goals, and it can set you down a clear path when designing your products.

Using Outdated Methods

A huge mistake many businesses make is they use outdated methods when designing and creating products. Specifically, they place too much trust in old-school methods of manufacturing. They use machines operated by employees, which can yield different results every time. Human error is a very real thing, and it can cause many mistakes. With modern manufacturing methods, you can have things like CNC machined components, which are all identical in size and shape. This means everything can fit together perfectly and you don’t have the odd component here or there that’s a bit different to the rest.

Trying Too Much

When making a product, it’s easy to get carried away and feel like you have to do everything. You want to make every little part of the product, and don’t want to buy anything that’s pre-made. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the right choice. Often, it’s a lot better if you buy something rather than trying to make it from scratch. There may be other companies that make a part for your product that have more experience than you and will guarantee the part works perfectly. It’s a much better idea to buy that part from them rather than trying to make it yourself and be unsure of success.

Not Following The Market

Every business that makes a product needs to pay attention to the market and various market trends. Otherwise, you run the risk of building a product that’s outdated and doesn’t follow certain trends. Why is this a problem? Well, it can make your product seem undesirable compared to others, which is never a good thing. If you follow the market, you’ll know what things are popular and what seems to be selling well at the moment. Make sure you keep your ear to the ground and are constantly staying updated with what’s trending and what things are popular in your market. This will help you design products that are very successful.

Use the advice in this article to avoid these common product design mistakes. As a result, the whole product design process will run a lot smoother and yield better results for your business.


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