Austrian Skydiver Jumps From 13 Miles Above Earth, Still Looking Out For More

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 8:29am by Editorial Staff

It would be surprising at first note when one reads this news and definitely think that how this news make into a tech magazine, stating it before, the news is really something “interesting” that allow it to be a part of our mag – now continuing with the story – Skydiving superstar Felix Baumgartner in an urge to complete a record-breaking 120,000 foot “skydiving” or better “spacedive” record.

Baumgartner latest jump which was completed on March 15th and carried up to more than 13 miles above the Earth, protected only by wearing a pressurized suit and capsule that hung from a 165-foot high helium balloon, at one extent reaching at a maximum speed of 364.4 mph, according to Red Bull Stratos (via Wired). Baumgartner is apparently hoping to complete another jump from about 90,000 feet above ground, before attempting the record breaker sometime this summer.

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