Australia Backed Its Decision Over Huawei Ban From Bidding For Contracts In The Country

Posted on Mar 29 2012 - 12:22pm by Editorial Staff

Australia which had blocked China’s Huawei from bidding for contracts in the country’s $38 billion National Broadband Network (NBN) due to cyber security concerns. The decision which was made on the advice from Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) over cyber attacks originating from China. Over on this, today, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard backed a ban on Chinese telecoms firm Huawei from tendering for major government contracts after Beijing raised concerns about fair treatment for Chinese firms, reports Reuters.

“We’ve made decisions in the national interest. We’ve made decisions that we have the ability to make,” Gillard said. “Any suggestion that this is somehow in breach of our trade obligations is simply untrue.” She added, “And I know China itself takes a view about its own telecommunication system and roll out, that it’s got a special approach to whether there should be foreign investment in that.”

(Image Source: Huawei logo, Featured Image: Photograph: Mick Tsikas/Reuters via Guardian)

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