Article Marketing 101: Common Tips, Tricks And Tactics

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 9:28am by Editorial Staff

You launched a whole big blog with a vision that Yes, I will make it something big – but the question is HOW? How will you make it big? Starts by thinking one-on-one, your blog filled with lots of tutorials, tips, having ads on few corners, amazing user interface, but what makes to wait you here? The answer is TRAFFIC – Yes, the traffic (but yes, there are several other major problems too in your site). Unless and until you do owe a good traffic number, your blog is nothing more but just a piece of collective articles that you are writing by thinking something extra big for future, but it will not make anything for you, not even a single penny. What possible thing that you can fetch now is that you start thinking of doing Marketing – but it would not be a normal marketing – I am talking about Article Marketing – You are writing a blog, means you do write a lot of articles per day, would be from 1 or 2 to 20-50 articles per day. Starting with, let’s first opt for number of ways which can effectively improve organic search results:

  • Helps make your website more unique and useful
  • Assist in building awareness and reputation
  • Obtain traffic for additional (long tail) keyword searches
  • Increase targeted traffic from other quality related websites
  • Improve visibility for your target keyword phrases
  • Helps attract more incoming links to your site

Now, the next big question, HOW your site drives traffic?

The points that I am going to discuss here is pretty simple, even you are using them regularly but you over the top you are not able to make the use of the techniques in pretty better way. Let’s start discussing:

  1. Content: You are writing articles, 100s of articles per month, but what’s the problem you are getting here, the level of your article is not up to the mark. Writing an article is one thing, but writing a content rich article is different. People will love to your blog or site, but all you require is content, a much better content. Remember, here with the last Google Panda update, your article need to take care of some norms in order to get indexed in Google and other search engines.
  2. Commenting: This is a slow way but this will let you gain a huge niche rich traffic. What all you have to do is to comment on other similar niche blogs and forums. Writing a comment takes not much time, but to remember here, writing a proper comment related to what’s written on the article is more important. Say, suppose, if the article is of technology and you are writing the comment on different front, then instead of getting traffic, you will get a lot sight over getting well known.
  3. Guest posting: You indulge yourself in serious writing, but still there is something that you are missing, every field requires marketing as well as networking. Similarly, in the field, you do regularly write for other blogs or publications, which are actively liked by 100s of people all around. The benefit here you will get is that you will gain enough publicity and some solid strong backlinks.
  4. Linking back:  Part of strategy, if you want to make something big, then you has to be in contact with people who are already big, but what you have to do is linking back with them. What you need to let them do is tell them that yes you do care for them, and you are reading them daily, even the best part is once you start putting efforts like this, they will too start linking back to you.
  5. Social Media: This part is not new, we are living in the world of social networking, where everything that comes in front of the whole world requires social sites help like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even a lot more. The more people knows you, the more better chance your words go beyond the wall and again those people, will share and move it further with lot more people, making a cycle for you.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is all about pleasing search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, making them big. You need to continuously working on SEO tactics – the reason is simple again, say suppose you are working on the keyword, say “ABC,” and with the keyword your site is on page one of Google, the benefit you will get is when a user search for ABC on Google, end users will find your website, resulting in grabbing more users for you.
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