Apply These 6 Techniques To Improve Your Blogging

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 4:21pm by Editorial Staff


Blogging can be easy when you know the rules. The rules are very simple, create content that people want to see. That’s a broad term I know. It’ll break down into something simpler very soon.

Pick A Topic

The first question any blogger should ask themselves. What are you actually going to write about? You could write about anything in the world.

I would suggest you write something you’re invested in. You either enjoy it or and knowledgeable about it. In some cases, you may have lived it, depending on the topic. Find a niche and specialize.

Nobody wants to read a vague blog about nothing. Even when it’s about nothing it can be something.

Find something that sufficiently inspires you to write. Write about something that makes you want to write about it. If you’re struggling to put together a post, your heart might not be in it.

Keep It Fresh

Don’t talk about the same thing all the time. Make sure you’re varying it up. You might keep it related to the core topic of your blog, but every now and then spice it up.

Same with the type of posts too. Don’t just do text posts all the time. Try some videos. Incorporate pictures into your posts too. Make them interesting most of all.

Variety in your blog is as good for you as it is your readers.

Get Noticed

Network with other blogs whenever possible. Their followers can become your followers. Collaborate and see where it can get you.

To improve your blog’s standing on search engines, try an SEO company to boost it. Getting higher on search engines means more people will be able to find you. This is regardless of if they’re looking for you or not.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Nobody wants to read novels when they look at blogs. They want snappy and entertaining posts. Learn to edit things down yourself or perhaps look at software to help.

More importantly than that is to not be a prolific poster. Posting multiple blogs a week will make people tire of you. They’ll burn out on what you have to say. You may burn out on things to say too.

Limit yourself to at least once a week. Twice a week if you would want to. Remain regular too. People stop following abandoned blogs. You won’t get anywhere if you disappear for six months at a time.

Accentuate Your Best Features

The best parts of your personality should be seen through the blog. Don’t reveal yourself entirely on there. You want to come across as thoroughly likeable as possible to retain readership.

Don’t do anything rashly either, and avoid controversy in most cases. Always consider what you are about to post. Even if you are receiving harassment, be the bigger person.

Have Fun

If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Blog because you like doing it, not because you are obligated. Don’t let it become a job to you.

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