Apple’s Strong Take On Scalpers In China

Posted on Mar 14 2012 - 7:07am by Editorial Staff

Apple with a keen eye over on its expansion plan for Chinese mainland, the Cupertino-based company seems leaving unofficial ‘scalper’ sellers struggling in the country, resulting in creating the one black market over there on the similar run of increased in product availability, reports Chicago Tribune.

Zhao Xin, an unofficial dealer, told the Tribune that his days of selling the iPhone for $1,000 before it was officially launched in the country have gone away. “I’d like to charge more, but no one wants to buy them. I can’t make a profit. I don’t even think the new iPad can help us [increase business] now,” he added.

The iPhone maker has also moved cloud high to restrict scalpers by limiting purchased to two devices per person only, one such factor that lead to the scalpers to delay the launch of the iPhone 4S at its flagship Sanlitun store in Beijing. The new iPad is yet to be given a launch date for China, which may give the scalpers some hope.

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