Apple’s Siri Is Struggling Over Japanese Language

Posted on Mar 13 2012 - 4:23am by Editorial Staff

Apple as confirmed earlier added Japanese language support for Siri with the release of iOS 5.1 last week during the iPad 3 launch event but what the worst to come is that the virtual personal assistant is reportedly still found itself under some issues which is gripping all around with this Asian first language.

Siri and Shabette Concier, a service announced in February by rival DoCoMo performed almost equally on basic things but going on the Kotaku report (via Apple Insider) states that, going on interactions, it “seems like Siri can only comprehend simple and universal Japanese.”

A major point to note that at the moment that Siri is offering limited support for Japanese language, but on an whole it is not able to perform number of tasks as it would do in for English language – it do not able to provide maps and local content support. Also, to be noted here that Siri is comparatively slower to load and run.

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