Apple’s New iPhone Will Make Its Debut On Wednesday, September 12th

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 4:45am by Editorial Staff

It’s yesterday only we have got the first look of iPhone 5 assembling, and today, we got the almost confirm dates, if sources are said to be true, the new iPhone will make its debut on Wednesday, September 12th. Both The Verge and AllThingsD, confirmed the news citing “sources” while iMore broke news of the September 12th. There are high certainties that the new iPhone will debut on the day, as AllThingsD points at Apple’s prepayment for inventory components, which rose by around $1.15 billion last quarter. Well, the market, hype and speculations are huge high and we suspect that we’ll be hearing soon from Apple officially regarding the new iPhone.

(Image Source: Apple)

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