Apple’s iPad Trademark Lawsuit May Be Halted As Proview Fights Creditors

Posted on Mar 5 2012 - 9:14am by Editorial Staff

The iPad maker faces a wait for Chinese court decision over on the legal fight it is being in for iPad trademark decision with Proview. The Chinese creditors have appealed for Taiwanese firm Proview to be put into liquidation, and even freezing the case in accordance with Chinese law, reports WantChinaTimes.

The publication reports that Fubon Insurance, Proview creditor is in the process of reclaiming debts from Proview which totals at around $8.68 million as of November 2010. The creditor company has applied for Proview’s remaining assets to be liquidated in June 2011 after the latter failed to comply with the ruling for more than six months. The statutory deadline for a decision on the application has already passed, and Fubon’s lawyers on February 20 applied to the court for an expedited ruling.

A decision is expected to be reached soon, and if it is approved, Proview’s lawsuit against Apple will be immediately halted. Urging over on this Proview has said it would surely meet future financial obligations, basing them completely over on settlements or the resulting damages from Apple trademark lawsuit. Fubon arguing that Proview could not say or think in such to repay as the outcome of the case is still in the awaited position.

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