Apple’s iPad 3 Will Come With 1GB Of RAM

Posted on Mar 7 2012 - 4:30am by Editorial Staff

Apple’s next biggest thing – iPad 3 is just a day away from us – and rumors market is getting big and more bigger every minute – the new to add the iPad 3 do have a more RAM – the latest device will have 1GB of RAM, which is only 512MB in the iPad 2. The 1GB RAM estimation has been calculated by Chronic whose numbers are based on BGR assumption. Chronic calculated in simple plain math on the basis of BGR posting which says, vm_page_bootstrap: 244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages.

The Calculation:

244,276 (pages) x 4,000 bytes (size of a page) = 977,104,000 bytes = 977MB

There are lot of mixed flavours of new coming from everywhere but the actual thing will come in front of us as soon as Apple will unveil the new device – the iPad 3 (or still not sure if it is called as iPad HD).

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