Apple Raising $17 Billion In Debt Which Helps In Funding Its $100 Billion Capital Return Program

Posted on May 1 2013 - 7:00am by Editorial Staff

Apple today announced that it will raise $17 billion in debt to help funding its $100 billion capital return program. With due this, number of different notes will be offered at various outlines at different maturity periods, totalling $17 billion. Apple believes that it will spend $30 billion per year on rewarding its investors from its first dividend payment through to the end of December 2015.

Concluding apart the division, as per Reuters, the $17 billion will be raised in the following manner: $1 billion, floating rate, three year maturity, $1.5 billion, fixed-rate, three year maturity, $2 billion, floating-rate, five year maturity, $5.5 billion fixed rate, ten year maturity, $4 billion fixed rate, five year maturity and $3 billion fixed rate, thirty year maturity.

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