Apple Market Cap Reaches $632.54 Billion, Higher Than Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon Combined

Posted on Aug 29 2012 - 4:35am by Editorial Staff

Although Apple, Samsung tied themselves so tight in their love-cum-war, but what sounds and make you love Apple more is its market valuation. The Cupertino-based giant now counts bigger by market cap than all the biggies i.e. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook and so as combined too.

The value by market cap of all these companies are, Microsoft standing at $256.78 billion, Google at $221.48 billion, Facebook at $41.43 billion and Amazon at $111.26 billion. Combining all these will make a total of $630.95 billion, while Apple rocking the world and standing at first in the queue at $632.56 billion. The observation was made earlier today Kontra on Twitter and shared on Mactrast.

(Photo Credit: mattbuchanan via photopin cc @ Featured Image)

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