Apple Increases Compliance To 60-hour Work Week To 95% In Asia

Posted on Apr 18 2012 - 9:33am by Editorial Staff

Apple has released its monthly Supplier Responsibility report providing more detailed insight into in its efforts to end excessive overtime and longer working hours in its supply chain. The report says that is had increased compliance to the 60-hour work week to 95%. The company said its compliance levels rose from 84% to 89% between January and February, with workers averaging a 48 hour working week. Over the course of March, Apple tightened compliance levels even further, with the same set of suppliers increasing to 95%.

The Cupertino-based has said it has expanded its weekly tracking to a larger number of facilities deeper in its supply chain, ensuring that it now monitors compliance of over 800,000 workers, having originally tracked 500,000 in its previous reports. Apple saw 91% compliance in March, increasing levels despite checking 300,000 more workers.

Apple Supplier Responsibility includes:

Apple Supplier Code of Conduct: Full commitment to the principles and standards of the Apple Supplier Code of Conduct is a condition of doing business with us. And while our code is based on strict international standards, it’s how we enforce it that truly makes a difference to the people who are involved in making our products in facilities around the world.

Labor and Human Rights: Apple prohibits practices that threaten the rights of workers — even when local laws and customs permit such practices. We’ve taken action toward ending excessive recruitment fees, preventing the hiring of underage workers, and prohibiting discriminatory policies at our suppliers. And as the first technology company to be admitted to the Fair Labor Association, Apple is setting a new standard in transparency and oversight.

Health and Safety: Apple requires suppliers to provide a workplace that’s both safe and healthy. Our suppliers must adopt strict safety standards and provide workers with safety training. And we’re working with our suppliers to roll out employee assistance programs to improve worker well-being.

Environmental Impact: Apple takes great care to design environmentally sound products.And we require our suppliers to use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever those products are made.

Ethics: We expect our suppliers to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our Supplier Code of Conduct clearly states a range of practices we consider essential to running an ethical business.

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