Apple Hits New German Lawsuit On Samsung Targeting Its 10 Smartphones Including Galaxy S Plus and S II

Posted on Jan 17 2012 - 6:03pm by Editorial Staff

Apple, the company behind the popular iPhone and iPad, has filed another suit against Samsung in Germany, aiming to ban sales of Samsung’s smartphone models. The suit targets 10 smartphones including the Galaxy S Plus and the S II that are based on Apple design.

The suit is based on design rights issues held by Apple in Europe, according to a company’s spokesman for the Düsseldorf court where the suit was filed, mentioned to Bloomberg. Apple runs the risk of having Samsung avoid any injunctions that may be levied through making relatively small changes to the physical design of its mobile products line-up, as it did early too with its 10.1N, if it goes for filling based on design rights.

(Image Source: Apple logo, Samsung logo)

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